Facts about Bolivians and QBL Projects

65% of Bolivians are indigenous Andean people. They are poor and marginalized in their own country. They face many obstacles including poor soil, a short growing season and a lack of safe water for drinking and irrigation. There is widespread malnutrition. 42% of Bolivians live on family farms and the solutions to their core problems can be addressed effectively on a small scale. This is where Quaker Bolivia Link has been bringing real change over the last ten years.

Over one hundred QBL-funded projects are running across the Altiplano. We typically fund three three types of projects: Water Projects, Agricultural projects and Irrigation Projects. Occasionally we will fund other projects that don’t fall within those categories.

QBL only funds projects that derive from the communities themselves. We do not impose our ideas. Instead, we help each community to realize their dreams by providing skilled planning, supervised construction and long-term evaluation.

Our Projects in More Detail

Our philosophy is to work with villages to meet their basic need for water. Once they have access to clean water, we encourage them to seek ways to improve their nutrition and income by improving their agricultural practices. Learn more about this process by visiting our pages dedicated to these projects.

How we evaluate project proposals

Considerable effort goes into the preparation of a project. Read how we work with communities who seek projects from QBL.

The Chuchulaya project was completed a few years ago but you may like to see the “workup” for it.

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