Archived Project Reports

The QBL team in Bolivia has prepared many reports on the projects done there, and thanks to them these reports are now available here. This contribution of their effort is very helpful in assisting visitors to this site visualize and understand the work done by QBL.

Below is an index to these Project Reports, sorted with most recent at the top. Clicking on the code in the first column will download an Adobe .pdf file with the report. Except for the Chuchulaya reports, all are narrated in Spanish. The typical report shows where the project was located, its cost, the results which were sought and were attained, and observations and suggestions. Most contain photos.

Year-Mo.-Funder Project Title File Size, KB
2008-06-QBLUS Pajcha Penas greenhouse 795
2008-02-QBLUK Collpacanta Water 1210
2008-04-QBLUS Villa Puchuni Water 828
2008-05-QBLUK Chaguaya Chicken Project 1150
2008-07-QBLUS Masaya Greenhouses 1410
2008-07-QBLUS Calacoto Chicken 882
2008-01-QBLUK Chuchulaya Safe Drinking Water Project – text 27
2008-01-QBLUK Chuchulaya Safe Drinking Water Project – photos 224
2007-11-QBLUS Pallcapampa Water Project 1227
2007-08-QBLUK Chiquiruni Water Project 1294
2007-07-QBLUK Calachaca Greenhouse Project 763
2007-05-QBLUS CEREFE Greenhouse Project 1490
2007-03-QBLUS Iruma Pomani Water Project 933
2007-02-QBLUK San Jose de Chipo Chicken Sheds 558
2007-02-QBLUK Sacasaca Water Project 1082
2007-01-QBLUK Laja Greenhouse Project 1198
2006-17-QBLUS Muramaya Cowsheds 1360
2006-13-QBLUK Pucarani Improved Fodder 1352
2006-10-QBLUK Matara Peach Project 1471
2006-08-QBLUK Quenaquetara Belen Milk Derivitives Project II 736
2006-06-QBLUK Corpa Milk Derivitives Project II 525
2006-03-QBLUK Amacari Operations IV 604
2005-17-QBLUK Corpa Cattle Project 1062
2005-16-QBLUK Sorata Participatory Investigative Project 3007
2005-15-QBLUK Hucuir Milluni Cattle Project 627
2005-14-QBLUK Sivincani Wells Project II 3560
2005-13-QBLUK Ancoma South Water Project 1152
2005-12-QBLUK Ancoma North Water Project 1191
2005-10-QBLUK Chichaque Water Project 752
2005-09-QBLUK Pucarani Irrigation 1005
2005-07-QBLUKUS Amacari Clinic Operations III 734
2005-06-QBLUS Sacasaca Greenhouse Project 791
2005-05-QBLUS Iquiaca Greenhouse Project 880
2005-04-QBLUK Cojatapampa Reinforcement 384
2005-03-QBLUS Avichaca Alfalfa Project 494
2005-02-QBLUS San Martin Water Project 1268
2005-01-QBLUS Amacari Water Project 1337
2004-14-QBLUK Chua Cocani Water Project 1006
2004-12-QBLUK Kera Anti-parasite Bath 709
2004-11-QBLUK Suriquina Water Project II 865
2004-10-QBLUK Asunta Quilviri Cattle Project 1579
2004-07-QBLUK Qaqachacas Child Development Center 393
2004-06-QBLIR Amacari Clinic Equipment 1046
2004-06-QBLIR Amacari Clinic Housing 759
2004-05-QBLUK Rancho Nuevo Library 897
2004-04-QBLUK Sivincani Greenhouses II 477
2004-03-QBLUK Amacari Clinic Operations II 655
2004-02-QBLUS Laymes Child Development Center 1065
2004-01-QBLUS Choronta Water Project 436
2003-17-QBLUK Pallcapampa Latrine Project 716
2003-11-QBLUS Colani Pallcapampa Irrigation Tube 418
2003-10-QBLUS Patata Water Project 394
2003-09-QBLUS Colquencha Greenhouse Project 668
2003-07-QBLUS Amacari Clinic Operations I 884
2003-06-QBLUK Corpa Milk Derivitives Project 1101
2003-05-QBLUS CEREFE Parent Orientation Guide 834
2003-03-QBLUK Sivincani Wells Project I 516
2003-02-QBLUK Sivincani Greenhouses I 714
2002-26-QBLUK Quenaquetara Belen Milk Derivitives Project 736
2000-13-QBLUK Quichawichini Water Project 637