About QBL

Quaker Bolivia Link (QBL) is a Quaker response to poverty.

The following principles guide our actions:
• QBL works to raise awareness of Bolivian culture and society.
• QBL seeks to include men and women equally in the planning and leadership of projects.
• QBL does not fund projects that have a religious purpose and neither includes nor excludes communities because of their religious beliefs.

Why Bolivia?

bolivia-south-americaSixty five percent of Bolivians are indigenous Andean people. They are poor and marginalized in their own country. They face many obstacles including poor soil, a short growing season and a lack of safe water for drinking and irrigation. There is widespread malnutrition.
The international community often overlooks Bolivia because its problems are not the result of natural disasters, violent conflict, or terrorism. The plight of the indigenous Bolivians remains largely ignored.
QBL funds projects generated by the communities themselves. We do not impose our ideas, but work with the populace to meet their self-defined goals. QBL provides skilled planning, supervised construction, maintenance and management training, and long-term evaluation.

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